Dance Machine at St. John’s Mercy

The pediatric cancer center at St John's Mercy hospital in St Louis has been helping kids and their families fight the devastating effects of cancer on kids and their families.

Dr. Bob Bergamini has led the charge to create an atmosphere where kids, their parents, and siblings have a friendly, inviting and sometimes fun atmosphere during the cancer treatment process. Dr. Bob approached Mike about raising funds to buy a Dance Dance Revolution game for the Center.

The idea was to help the kids get the much needed exercise while their little bodies were fighting the terrible disease. The funds were raised, and the idea was a huge success. The kids that were reluctant to get on a stationary bike for 15 minutes were now standing in line to jump on the Dance machine.

Mike has spoken at St John's events and continues to stay involved with Dr Bob, and all the great people at this incredible hospital that is making a difference in the fight against cancer.